Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Though eyelash extensions are easy to maintain, the first twenty-four hours are crucial for a strong bond.  You should keep your lashes dry and avoid touching them.  After twenty-four hours, care is fairly simple: avoid oil bases products, cleanse your lashes regularly, and be gentle with the lashes.  They are resistant to water sweat and tears.

In general, to maintain your new look and extend the life of your lashes, follow these simple guidelines:

Be gentle to your lashes; do not pull on the extensions or rub the eyes excessively.

Groom your lashes as needed with a clean mascara wand, preferably when wet.

For the first 48-hours after application the lashes should not be exposed to water or steam to allow the adhesive time to fully bond.  We recommend avoiding swimming and the spa for 48 hours after lash application for best results.

Avoid the use of oil-based products on or around the eyelashes and do not use waterproof mascara.  Water-based mascara and water-based mascara remover may be used if desired.  Apply mascara sparingly and remove it gently with a water-based eye makeup remover.  You may purchase eyelash extension-safe eye-makeup remover here at Face to Face.

Airbrush tanning should be done 24-hours prior to your eyelash appointment.

Let skin care providers know about your Eyelash Extensions and use caution when using steam, acid/peels, laser, or hydroxyl treatments.

Use powdered, liquid or gel eyeliners.  Pencils (unless specially formulated for Eyelash Extensions) tend to leave an oily residue, which could loosen the bond.