Policies & Consent

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, you can call (805) 752-1223. 

  • More than 24 hours notice – Services will be cancelled at no charge.
  • Less than 24 hours notice – 50% of the service price will be charged.
  • Failure to show – 100% of the service price will be charged.
  • We require a credit card on file to hold all reservations.  If you prefer not to give that information over the phone, you can log into Mindbody and add it to your account online.

Late Arrivals

We cannot accommodate late arrivals as each service is structured with the appropriate time.  Late arrivals may limit our ability to offer the fullest possible experience. We value each client's time and cannot allow late arrivals to run into the schedule of other clients. For this reason, a late arrival of 15 minutes or more will be cancelled and considered a “no show”, resulting in full payment for the service. Please be aware that late arrivals will be responsible for full payment of the service regardless of how much time is left in your appointment. 

Returns or Refunds

There are no refunds offered to any services.  However, if you are not completely satisfied with your service, contact me within 24 hours to book a one-time 30 minute complimentary follow-up.  This appointment must be booked for a day that is within 7 days of your original appointment.  All sales are final.

Lash Extension: Fills vs. Full Sets

Fills are required every 2-3 weeks with 50% of your extensions remaining.  Coming to your appointment with less than 50% will require a full set.  Fills that are scheduled beyond 3 weeks from your previous appointment are required to schedule a full set.  Please inform me 24 hours before your appointment if you have less than 50% of lashes to avoid a fee.

Lash Extensions: Clean Lashes and Lash Line

Clients MUST arrive with a very clean lash line, free of build up for EVERY APPOINTMENT.  This means routinely and adequately cleansing the lash line with an appropriate oil-free cleanser and brush. Washing the lashes the day of will not remove layers of build up that can accumulate from dead skin, oils, and makeup.  In order to preserve the health of natural lashes and to maintain the ability to perform the service (newly placed lashes will not correctly adhere to dirty lashes.) Cleansing lashes everyday will prolong the life of the extensions.  If you are unable to remove eye make-up before your appointment, you may arrive early enough to use the remover in our bathroom.  


If you prefer, you may complete and submit your consent form prior to your appointment.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome or unwanted sexual behavior. This is referring to the behavior of the client toward the therapist, and none will be tolerated. We diligently try to create a safe, ethical and strictly therapeutic environment, and it’s very important for our clients that my energy be used mainly for healing. Sexual harassment and romantic overtures will end the session.  Sexual behavior includes: purposely touching or uncovering the genitals, purposely touching the therapist, sexually suggestive looks, gestures, questions or remarks.  The minute harassment occurs, the massage will end and you will owe for the entire session, and you will refused as a client going forward.  What does not count as harassment is an involuntary sexual response, such as a man getting an erection (but not acting on it) during a massage. Sometimes this happens and it is perfectly natural. They key word is involuntary.

Please respect our policies. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation